Initial Consultation
90 minutes | $135

An initial consultation consists of a thorough case history of being taken including any relevant past medical history, if you have any pathology test results bring these along. A physical examination of nails and tongue, blood pressure and pulse as well as an iris analysis will also be taken along with any other relevant examinations required. Herbal or nutritional preparations may be recommended during the initial consultation or subsequent visits. You will receive a Comprehensive Holistic Care Plan after your initial consultation outlining dietary and lifestyle recommendations along with any herbal or nutritional prescriptions included.

A follow up appointment will then be scheduled, generally within the fortnight to discuss how your health goals are progressing.

General Follow Up
45 minutes | $75

This appointment will address continuing issues, help us to gauge the current treatment and adjust if necessary as well as give continued support, education and resources required for your long term health goals. 

Acute Consultation
30 minutes | $55

This consultation is to address short term acute infections. To aid you're body and its natural ability to heal and get you back to feeling healthy and energised and able to perform at your best! Acute infections include stomach bugs, common colds, flus, viruses, ear and eye infections.

Complimentary Chat
15 minutes | Free
Not sure what naturopathy is all about, or if it can help you on your journey to wellness? Feel free to book an obligation free 15 minute phone chat to discuss briefly what naturopathy can do for you. This can also be a time to raise any questions you may have regarding what naturopathy is all about, what to expect in a consultation and what to expect from a treatment plan. 

* Please note: prices are for consultations only and   do not include the cost of prescriptions.

* Eftpos facilities available